Fall: school starts, Amplify launches. It’s go time!

Back from biggest trip of my life.

Haven’t bought shoes, uniforms or a thing for the boys and Tuesday’s start date.

But I did make the big LinkedIn announcement about the new role as a founder of Amplify Advisors Inc. Someone sent a note saying “Congrats on the new job! I guess it’s official now that Linked In has told me 🙂 Please stay in touch! We need to go out for drinks:)”

She was bang on! It now is starting to feel real.

Launch time!

Very excited about Amplify Advisors Inc.

Still doing what I’ve always done but now doing it for Amplify & dipping toes into new world of entrepreneurial, start-up & small business life (mine and new clients!).

So some of you are asking “why”?

Well, let’s go for coffee or happy hour and I will share the story. I’m at or book here:

Others are asking “how can I help this small business?”

Why, thank you!

We can meet to discuss that too. In the meantime you can share our website & share/follow our social media with your network. We are excited to work with growing clients.

We offer Finance Leaders (CFO services) as well as Business Advisors and Connectors. Still helping finance teams of all size organizations with their projects & consulting needs. Also able to place professional accountants for roles on finance teams.

Please recommend and refer us.

Lastly, you might be wondering “do I need a Finance Leader (CFO)”

I have an infographic & lots of info to help answer this question too.

I officially took the weak veil of ambiguity down and it’s kick-off!

Our new website:

Our social media:

#cfoservices #amplifylaunches #SchoolstartsSodowe


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