Accounting history, vacationing in Italy & the unexpected connection

Automation is amazing.

I spent the last 15 + days in Italy & on vacation.

I prewrote/scheduled all the posts you may have seen. I did this Aug long, before I left (from a baseball diamond where my creative accounting side flourishes).

Hootsuite & WordPress save the day.

While it may have presented as though I was thinking & breathing accounting & business – I actually did very little of that. Hardly logged in and hardly worried about a thing besides the present moment & the once in a lifetime trip I was on.

I’m recharged & ready to go!

Here is a lapse – this picture captures the moment I was reading about Florence (in Florence) & I learnt that the Medici family that commissioned & supported much of the art I had admired was also one of the first users of the general ledger & double entry accounting. What a discovery to be in a city that popularized accounting.

#accountinghistory #apps #automation

Bonus vacation pics (no accounting or business story):


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