2019 plan

As I focus on our building of Amplify Advisors Inc. I need to reduce my social media sites.

Connection at the intersection is an important topic and I continue to write about it.

I’m holding onto this site but to actively follow me please sign up for Amplify’s newsletter and follow our blog and social media:

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Thank you for your support on this site and hope to keep connecting!


Evolved Thought

“Being wrong, they understand, isn’t a sign of stupidity. It’s a sign of curiosity, openness to new information, and ultimately smarts.”

For a culture of fast action & growth, if it isn’t safe to be wrong, to learn more & to evolve then you can’t expect quick decisions (or worse you will have a team that consistently stands up for a failure instead of learning or pivoting)

The discussion about finding out how smart someone is by asking a time they were wrong is also intriguing. It takes courage to admit you are wrong. It takes courage to tell the story. Apparently it is also evidence of being smart!


Employee to Entrepreneur

Submitting to get quoted/published is supposed to be great “free” marketing. As a small business we learn & take such advise! (+ I love writing)

Kids keep you humble – their reaction to my first article was “you look terrible in that picture” (courtesy of V) & this conversation with Bo:

“Good for you mom but I have even better news.”

“What’s that?”

“What I told you before – I found your remote!” (That he lost!) (& has lost countless times since) (& the nanny finds & puts back in its spot where he then “finds”)

Most of the publications subsequent to the 1st got zero response. This one though impressed them since they seemed to use an adorable puppy to symbolize me?! Read about the journey from employee to entrepreneur & look for my part under the dog.



Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving weekend! So much to be thankful for. Every year we recognize our friends & family but this year is extra special.  The amazing support of them + our network has amplified our business launch. Our epic team has made our first three months (pre-launch) amazing. We are grateful to our clients and all of you that have supported.

Enjoy your turkey and Thank You from Amplify Advisors Inc.

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