Ray & Brene: the art of difficult conversation

“Vulnerability and courage allow you to have difficult, uncomfortable conversations with colleagues—and almost any company culture could improve by having more difficult discussions.” Brené Brown

“Don’t hire people just to fit the first job they will do; hire people you want to share your life with.” Ray Dalio

To many these two authors might not have much in common but for me when I hear one I think of the other.

Ray Dalio’s new book and the related discussions of his radical transparency, the importance of open failures and the value of candor is starting some great discussions. Radical it most certainly is but so much of the principles make sense that we could all challenge ourselves and our cultures to move even a little in his direction.

For his ideas to work or to fully understand how to embrace them I suggest turning to Brené Brown. Her Tedtalk is one of the most heard because she is nothing short of brilliant. Often not focused on business but it is not a coincidence that life lessons and success closely correlate. Her concepts on courage (the better business word?) & the tied vulnerability are essential to leadership.

And at the core all of these build stronger connection – which is at the intersection of success, health and happiness. Connection relies on vulnerability and honesty and transparency.

Two great, & surprisingly similar, reads:


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