Digging at the root

They say “don’t sweat the small stuff” & “pick your battles” but over time the build up of unnecessary small inefficiency can really drag your team down.

The balance of freeing your time as a leader and taking advantage of your opportunity to delegate versus getting to the root of over-complication is a balancing act.

“a good manager only has 2 main priorities: 1. Remove all unnecessary obstacles from your subordinates’ path so that they have a greater chance for success 2. Make available as much support (time, resources, effort) as possible to increase your teams’ chances for success. Every other priority should support these first 2 or else they are just distracting the team from what is important.”

This conclusion in the linked article is supported by some harsh checks.

It is an interesting perspective especially when you consider the truth behind the sayings “don’t sweat the small stuff” & “pick your battles”. And while those priorities may be perfect and simple for a manager there is much more to consider as a strategic leader.

At a minimum it is a good reminder for us as leaders as we influence others today and coach managers.


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