Happy Mothers Day!

On this Mother’s Day it is great to reflect on all the types out there and how we all share this role and know the love and responsibility.

I’m a working mom and my road has been windy (& suspect it isn’t straightening out anytime soon!).

The first time I left my son for a conference I was very ambitious to “have it all” so I was there but pumping during networking breaks.

Pregnant with my second son I tried “mommy track” and did part-time work with no intentions of promotion or participation in business development. I prioritized the family while still working at a senior manager level.

Somewhere along the line I gave up the dream of being the primary parent and accepted my husband did it better. Letting go of that guilt, taking advantage of his flexibility of working at home and embracing our family value of hard work was the most freeing choice I’ve made as a mother.

No choice is obvious or easy and the hardest reality is the one that I heard from Laura Daniels on a women’s panel nearly 11 years ago while I was expecting my first – as soon as something works, the kids or situation changes and you find you need a new solution!

There is only great that comes from a life that fulfills you and the demonstration of the values that you hold. Thank you for doing that every day for your kids &/or for supporting the mothers in your life that do. Happy Mothers Day!


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