The race you are running

I like this quote. It challenges my thinking and raises important discussions and questions.

Some of the things that I think would be a great conversation:

– what’s the balance of knowing what your competition is doing but

– avoiding arrogance & ignorance, &

– being focused & following your passion/path?

– how do you grow the market & collaborate while

– staying inspired and differentiating? (& ultimately competitive)

I think some ‘glances’, some healthy respect & some working together with the competition can be inspiring and can push you harder.

The core message of this quote remains true. You can harness your passion. You can show up with intensity and you can inspire. You can do this all with focus if you are not distracted by looking behind you or beside you.

There’s room in the race for all of you and the definition of winner should be individual. One company can win by being the best at one thing while your organization wins by being the best at something else.

Customers & clients win by having both those choices!

#collaboration #oprahrocks #competition #winning

For more informational on a new team that’s starting in a new race:

#financeleader #businessadvisor #connector #cfoservices


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