Can you afford a CFO?

Are you saving money by not hiring a CFO?

A Chartered Professional Accountant with over 5 years qualifications is going to cost you over $100k annually. A CFO/Controller level with over 10 years experience is going to expect over $150k for such a role. The best candidates with true leadership abilities are likely wanting closer to $200k or more. These salaries do not include the book-keeping, tax expertise and other junior level tablestakes that are the necessaries in small and medium business.

So it’s no wonder a start-up often starts without a finance leader.

And it’s no wonder that small and medium business hesitate to hire a finance leader that is beyond their book-keeper and tax expert.

Are you saving money by not hiring a CFO? Well an annual salary of $100-200k+ probably is too much in the early days. It’s likely too high for many growing small and medium businesses too.

What’s the alternative? Hire a finance leader at the level of service you need and reap the benefits of business partnering, stronger growth and the ability to envisage your complete financial picture.

We believe if you want to grow you will benefit from a Finance Leader. We work with start-ups and small and medium business to provide part-time, contract, interim, virtual and temporary CFO/controller services. Our finance leaders can help you on a quarterly or monthly or more frequent basis and provide the level of service you need so that it can be affordable.

Visit our CFO services pricing page for more information ( or see our Frequently Asked Questions (


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