Elon: interesting developments in accounting, governance & leadership

So many interesting things about the Elon Musk situation last week.

The accountant in me is troubled about how we keep up with Twitter & social media announcements on shares & business information. I’m more convinced that it is the compliance & laws that need updating but certainly an interesting challenge.

While our laws & expectations aren’t in line with modern communication, the governance side of me is concerned about the concept of a CEO putting specifics out that aren’t agreed to by the BoD. As well as leaders (of t.v. shows & countries, etc) tweeting when they can’t sleep & are of tired or drugged mind. The consequences of these actions seem greater than the benefits & go beyond governance.

Meanwhile the leader in me is really curious about the god-like attitude we have towards certain CEOs. Those that are genius, rare & if the rest of us behaved like that would fall flat very very fast.

And this gender discussion was also fairly insightful too!

Overall an interesting time & subject in business.




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