Revenue-focused, marketing & the conscious mind

I’m a big believer in focusing on the top line.

Of course it’s all important but effort spent on growth and revenue has an exponential impact when compared to similar levels of efforts on costs.

And it is more optimistic (& fun too!) so why not?

Marketing is that funny thing – efforts on marketing could be called either right? They are certainly a cost but for many businesses it’s what we define as marketing that builds the business, the relationships & the client exposure.

Measuring ROI and knowing that your marketing dollar is well spent isn’t easy. (Further complicate that with some IDW podcasts and the concept that our decision making is largely driven by the unconscious mind & this whole thing is mind blowing.)

And if you are a start up or small business you don’t necessarily have the cash to experiment with (really what size entity does?). So how do you get your CFO to say “yes if” & not just “no”?

Well start with some low cost and big impact initiatives. And negotiate what success looks like so that you can have an ongoing decision-making framework.

Here are articles with ideas: Low-Budget Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses | WordStream Ways to Market Your Small Business on a Shoestring Budget | Constant Contact Blogs

Bonus: discussions on pitfalls which would certainly reduce your impact and the value of $$$ (or time) spent:

Mind-blowing bonus:

& finally more from me on focusing on revenue:

Or book to discuss:

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