Call it what it is – a reflection on “Transformation”

Transformation- let’s discuss. I hate the word.

I hate it because it usually means new ERP and that might be fine and transformative but just call it what it is.

There comes a time you need a new ERP but many times a client who blames the system and thinks that is the solution hasn’t turned on 60% of the modules or capabilities in their current system or have bought a Tesla (we previously said Cadillac) but they drive it like a civic with no training & the same spreadsheets they used long before the last upgrade/implementation.

Or even worse is the consultant who sees $$$ and therefore sees a need for a new ERP despite the fact that if they weren’t the smartest dude in the room they may have noticed that the client said nothing of the sort and the symptoms they have described could be solved much quicker and much cheaper by leveraging the current ERP or adding a bolt-on program or even adjusting the processes.

Here is the thing, there’s no such thing as Transformation. Change happens with the following

– Tone at the top: a strategic dedication to a roadmap of change which gives a mandate to others & the investment

– Continuous improvement projects that are part of a larger strategic roadmap supported by the top

– Strong change management & project management & an investment in both

But most of all change happens by middle management. They drive change once they have the mandate to do it. They drive change by understanding where the impacts and quick wins happen. They drive change one project at a time with training, change management & project management.

They drive change by getting change done.

I love this article which discusses this exactly as I’ve seen it and experienced it: New Automation Is Smart, Fast, and Small #automation #transformation #continuousimprovement #change #changemanagement


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