Taking off the boots – the end of stampede networking for another year!

My networking for Stampede is now wrapped up. I had lots of fun. Reconnected & caught up with a few great people.Met some new folks.

According to this article I did it all wrong!

Similar ideas to what I had posted about at the beginning of the greatest outdoor show:

If I had to give my own advise on networking I’d say three things

(1) Be authentic & if that means that the event is completely not your style & you don’t see it as an opportunity to challenge yourself maybe it isn’t the right one for you (2) because you need to have some fun with it! Fine if you have to go home and tell your spouse it was a drag but after a while if it really is it will also be pointless (by the way bring her/him!) &

(3) real networking needs to have connection. Connection needs to be a bit “more” as it is deep relationships and connection that are at the intersection of health, happiness & success. Connection is that magic ingredient so I think networking should support that. As these linked articles note some of the classic big network scenes arguably have their issues. If it isn’t authentic, it isn’t fun & it isn’t fostering connection let go of guilt & don’t sign up!

#networking #connection #stampede


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