It’s all about the apps

Lately I’ve been asked often how I have time to write this blog and be active on LinkedIn.

Here’s my list of how. I will caution you that many of these are not admirable habits or traits necessarily but they are the candid truth. And as I learn more and it starts to have a time creep I realize that there’s an app for that!

(1) I am obsessed with learning and reading and research (including HBR, social media, podcasts, books and many others). My favourite pastimes include business, finance effectiveness and automation, connection and the intersection of relationships and happiness/health/success as well as sociology, parenting, politics and other hot topics.

(2) I have a notorious habit of multi -tasking.

Example of these first two: my husband said recently that I watch “dumber TV” now. And instead of exploding I actually reflected and I realized that given my job and my busy life there is the desire to chill and not overthink on the rare occasions on the coach. So lately my shows have been “chickflick” types and drama or story (vs news and documentaries that we use to share more common interest in). But then as it was top of mind, I caught myself reading and researching while watching my “dumb tv”. I also do this in line ups, walking and even worse at red lights.

(3) I consciously set goals in regards to LinkedIn and now branching into social media in general.

The goals are realistic and they get increasingly more difficult.

(4) I love it.

(4.1) I always wanted to be a writer – this might be as close as I get!

(5) I don’t find the time or opportunity to write original work very often (though I do have some courageous ideas and articles in play that I’m chipping away at). Instead I focus on publishing and sharing others’ great work with my insights and perspective added. This is not that time consuming given #(1)!

(6) Deloitte was supportive and not only encouraged it but trained us on it and awarded it – this was motivating.

(7) I use the Notepad app to capture future ideas and writings.

(8) I am starting to organize articles and research using another app – Diigo. If I read something great I tag it and save it in the app for a future post. If I come across something that I want to save and read I add it to my unread and untagged article collection.

(9) I’ve made the decision to be vulnerable & courageous so long as it is in line with my values.

(10) I’m starting to work with Hootsuite app to further save time.

So as I said I don’t recommend all the above and I doubt this is helpful but you’ve asked and this is the reality!

Next! My goals need to start moving towards analytics and conversion rates as well as other strategic considerations. I’m getting there but would love to hear your tips and learnings too.

#courage #curiosity #apps #blogs #conversion


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