Experiencing your experience

“your experience is what you attend to. And your experiences become your life. So if your attention continues getting diverted, and email, meetings, and “firefighting” consume your days, pretty soon weeks or months will have gone by and your life becomes full of the “experiences” you never really intended to have.” Control Your Life, Control What You Pay Attention To

This article raises many good points and identifies challenges we can all relate to.

Where this article falls short, ironically since the example implies it will address, is the time management challenge of leadership and management regarding people. All articles seem to fall short in this area. It isn’t clear how the tips apply to the circumstances of a manager or leader who’s time is focused, & should be focused, on their people while still having “real work“ or head-down work to get done (largely in off hours).

“Change doesn’t happen behind behind a desk.” is one of my favourite sayings. I also like to say “you can’t be efficient & fast with people”. A great leader is in it with their people and collaborating. A great advisor is in it with their client and collaborating. All of this leaving minimal opportunities to slow and focus and think. How do people find those moments? Have you found good writing on this? I have a few techniques & beliefs but curious to hear others.

Other related reads (that fall short on this but are still good reads): time-management tricks I wish I’d known at 20 Balance and Other Habits of Highly Effective CFOs


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