Replaced or upskill with creativity?

Does your team get excited about increased productivity and the chance to upskill?

Or is there more a fear of lost jobs & another implementation failure, among other angers and anxieties?

As leaders we know the feelings are real and will impact the success of the path we take so we need to address with our teams.

With an optimistic spin this article discusses studies I’ve come across before, including the one that brings out feelings in my network: “accountants have a 95% chance of losing their jobs to automation in the future.”

Similar post/article from last month:

95% of accountants to lose jobs to Automation in future?

We could dispute what is defined as the future or even how they define an accountant. We could challenge this and find it to be quite aggressive. But even if the actual number is closer to a third of that and it happens over 5-10 years wouldn’t it be fair to call that 30% fairly disruptive?

I think we can each be a Finance Leader that disrupts ourself and starts the change management while leveraging the opportunity or we can resist, push back and keep maintaining the status quo.

Which are you?


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