Sweat through scaling

Just like we advise our clients, Amplify Advisors Inc. is setting up scalable processes and technology to support our team and let us focus on quality client service. And just like our clients experience – it is hard work implementing! But it’s exiting too. offers a more advanced & streamlined solution that far exceeds the capabilities of what our team grew up on. We are excited for the hard work to pay off! #financeautomation #crm #workflow


CFO Irony

$40mil in penalties! But how does this address the real issue? I don’t have the answer but when the most powerful position in the world does his governing and govt announcements via Twitter we need to revisit regulations for companies and Elons. The current ones don’t fit current times but the objective they are trying to achieve is as relevant as ever.

Could retention at the CFO desk and some executive compliance be called for too? Could a modern CFO assist in the strategy side along side the engineer and designer too? As I read about the penalties I could not help recalling this quote & asking…

My earlier thoughts:

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